Adventure Yurting On The St Jacques de Compostelle, France

Rieutort d'Aubrac, France

On a chilly and rainy October day walking on the Chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle near Nasbinals, France, we spotted a white canvas roof amidst the barren landscape. I immediately knew it was a yurt, the first one we’d seen on the trip.

We continued walking on the ancient dirt road, and arrived, cold and wet, about 15 minutes later at the entrance to L’Ange Gardien, yurt accomodations for “pellerins” or those who walk the Chemin.  We discovered we could get soup and sandwiches, and a welcome break from the weather. Hidden just behind the main lodge was a second yurt – simply, but tastefully appointed, with a capacity for 10. What a find!

We eventually moved on to stay at a lovely and elegant gite in Nasbinals at Lo D’ici, complete with foot reflexology and crepes.  In contrast, the setting for these yurts was in the heart of the Aubrac, a windswept, treeless, spectacular volcanic landscape and remote section of the

The Aubrac

Chemin. We had a simple lunch and chatted with the owner, who has lived in Asia and has brought back interesting clothing and gifts from Kirghizstan and the surrounding region. After exploring the library, marveling at the availability of internet access (not that you’d want to go there while in this beautiful setting), laundry,  and showers, we made note for our next visit to France – perhaps we’ll return in the summer next time.


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We love yurts, traveling and an active lifestyle, and would like to introduce others to the interesting and memorable possibilities that open up when you choose a yurt adventure.
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One Response to Adventure Yurting On The St Jacques de Compostelle, France

  1. henry homeyer says:

    One of the high points of my 2-week trek on the Chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle (the old pilgrim’s trail also called the Camino in Spain) was the time I spent in Nasbinal at the gite or hostel mentioned above, L’oh d’ici. The owner is gracious, generous and helpful. After bunking down in rooms full of tired, wet hikers we had a room to ourselves, complete with a private bath – at a very affordable rate.

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