Frost Mountain Yurts – Brownfield, ME

Birches Yurt - Courtesy Frost Mt. Yurts

It was late April 2009, but there was still plenty of snow for cross country skiing at Frost Mountain Yurts in Brownfield, Maine. We planned on staying two nights to explore the north woods in ‘spring’.  Upon our arrival we discovered a winter wonderland instead. We were prepared with enough gear to outfit the 10th Mountain Division, and snowshoes are available at the yurts, so all was well. The burning question, however – would I be carrying out the tradition of swimming in the nearby brook, or would the water be too cold?

We unpacked, set up the dog bowls (dog friendly yurts – bravo!) and ventured out to the nearby summit of Frost Mountain, a 1.5 hour round trip according to the extensive maps and guides in the yurt.  Fantastic views combined with a gentle ascent made for a perfect afternoon excursion.

The next day we snowshoed around the yurt for a few hours under perfectly clear skies.  As it turned out, my Germanic heritage combined with a few hours of exercise inspired me to dip into the chilly brook to cool off before relaxing in the hammock with my latest book, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance by Julia Cameron.

Lopi Woodstove - Courtesy Frost Mountain Yurts

A highlight of the Frost Mountain Yurts experience was learning about the Lopi woodstove – it kept the yurt toasty warm and we didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night to add logs – a major plus in my opinion. The yurt was clean, stocked with all manner of kitchen and cooking amenities, and nestled among hardwoods – what’s not to love?

All in all, a great weekend that I would love to repeat when the flowers are up and the water is a little warmer.


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