Yurts in New Hampshire – Old & New

We knew a major snow storm was predicted for our February women’s outdoor adventure excursion to Philips Brook Yurts in Dummer, NH.  What we didn’t know was that we’d be blessed with over three feet of snow to play in upon our arrival.

Owner Bill Altenburg did his best to pack a trail to the yurt with his snowmobile, but the machine was destined to be consumed by the fresh powder.  No trail?  No problem.  We broke out the snowshoes, packed the water, food, books and gear over the short distance from the parking lot and officially began our Yurt Retreat Center Focus Group.

We skied, snowshoed, shared amazing communal meals and invited a local massage therapist in to simulate the “Kripalu of the North” as we called it. We brainstormed what it would take to open a wellness retreat centered around yurts and what they symbolize. The result of the weekend’s stimulating conversation? Affirmative – a yurt-focused retreat center would surely succeed.

Photo Credit: Yurt Foundation

The idea is happily living in dream stage, quietly germinating while I gather knowledge and courage. I particularly love the story of the evolution of the yurt in the US, which originated right here in NH.

While the yurts in my favorite northern New Hampshire locale are now closed, I’ve since discovered a few privately owned yurting opportunities in the Granite State.  Caveat emptor, though, because I’ve yet to try these out myself, so I offer no descriptions, just the links. Also, I’ve chosen to feature four season yurts. When summer arrives, more yurts will go online. If you do get out and stay at one of these locales, please comment.

Green Alpaca Yurts

Cardigan Hideaway


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We love yurts, traveling and an active lifestyle, and would like to introduce others to the interesting and memorable possibilities that open up when you choose a yurt adventure.
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