Moonlight Yurting In Vermont

I recently entered my 55th year on the planet, lucky me! To celebrate, my partner Henry, our three dogs, and I stayed two nights in a friend’s yurt village in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. What a thrill – and my idea of a really good time.

Vermont Yurt Village

This property is located on a private pond, one of the cleanest in the state. In mid-September in northern Vermont, the foliage is just starting to turn on the trees, and the air is crisp. The weather was perfect for enjoying the first fires of the season, both in the wood stove and outside in the fire pit, complete with s’mores and loons calling on the pond!

The owners have worked for about six years to make the site a wonderful haven for themselves, family, and friends. They have gradually added small sleeping yurts to compliment the large central yurt where meals and group gatherings take place, so rustic family reunions are no problem. Hiking trails and old logging roads extend from the yurts in all directions of the compass, so we enjoyed both a glowing sunset and a brilliant moon rise during our stay.

Snoozing in the yurt

The small library in the main yurt has a copy of “Yurts: Living In The Round”, by Becky Kemery, an excellent account of yurt history both internationally and in the United States. Becky profiles Bill Copperthwaite, a pioneer in yurt design (I still need to get up to his place in Machiasport, Maine for the ultimate yurt adventure!). There’s nothing like a sitting by a cozy fire and reading a good yurt book. Bliss!

The pond access is down a steep trail to a sunny cove, so I got to swim across the pond (brrr!) while Henry paddled in a kayak alongside me. One of my favorite experiences in life is to swim in a clean, clear pond or lake and then dry off in the sun on a rock or a dock, which is exactly what I did – a perfect way to get outside and exercise.

It’s been a wonderful ride so far, being 54 years young, and an active baby boomer who loves yurts and all their charms. Looking ahead I see many more yurt adventures in my future – on to 100!


About yurt adventures

We love yurts, traveling and an active lifestyle, and would like to introduce others to the interesting and memorable possibilities that open up when you choose a yurt adventure.
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