Massage – Yurt Style

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I recently began pursuing a certificate in Massage Therapy at the River Valley Community College in New Hampshire. It’s been wonderful matriculating as a ‘non-traditional’ student, learning an ancient healing modality. The benefits of massage are numerous, and I’m a lifelong proponent of the practice of therapeutic touch. I recall with a satisfied sigh the amazing massage and steam bath cleanse I had in Treasure Beach, Jamaica in a circular stone hut – somewhat like a yurt, in fact.

So the time has come to design my ideal practice – the space, location, types of massage to offer. I have a business plan. I have marketing materials. One area of focus will be health and wellness massage for active senior populations in local retirement communities. I figure, in a few years, I’m going to be an active senior, so I may as well learn from the best. And I’ve decided that I will also pursue offering massages in a yurt. I’m not sure where, or how, I’ll achieve this, but it’s definitely my sincere intention.

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When I googled ‘massage in yurts’ to explore how other massage therapists might be implementing this idea, I came across a massage therapist in Pennsylvania who has achieved exactly what I’m hoping to. A yurt located in a lovely forest setting where clients receive a massage to the sounds of nature’s musical accompaniment. It turns out yurts are used for massage and other healing modalities as a matter of course around the country, and they’re often located in the most beautiful outdoor (four season) settings. Last summer I gave an outdoor massage to a friend, and it’s an entirely different experience from being indoors – one that I really love, and so did my friend.

We know that the circular shape of a yurt invites a calm and centered feeling, and has its roots in the ancient nomadic traveling experiences of the Mongolian people, who lived close to the land. Massage + Yurts. Two ancient practices, melded together for healing and connecting with nature. Sounds to me like a match made in heaven.


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