Michigan State Parks Attract Yurt Lovers

Michigan's Pinckney Yurt

Michigan’s Pinckney Yurt

I recently ran into a colleague while on a speaking gig for GP RED at the Michigan Parks & Recreation Association conference in Lansing. We go back a ways, and the first thing Ron said when we saw each other was, “Hey, are you talking about  yurts today?” Well no, Ron, but I wish – it’s a thought!

Ron Olson is the Chief of Parks & Recreation for the state, and told me one of their public yurts is booked over 250 days a year, a pleasant surprise for park administrators seeking new ways to recover from recession shortfalls. Our exchange prompted me to explore the Michigan Yurt scene from a virtual lens, and here’s what I found out – Michigan State Parks operates five yurts, strategically located in both remote (9 mile hike in) and easy-to-access areas (several yards from parking). A recent press release gives an excellent overview of the yurt system, its benefits, and pricing structure. If you care about land preservation and conservation and love to get outdoors, but like many of us in the Baby Boomer generation, have given up sleeping on the ground, yurts are definitely the way to go.

Michigan's Porkies Yurt

Michigan’s Porkies Yurt

Here’s a great article promoting Michigan’s yurts for winter excursions – I mean, why not? They’re in beautiful locations, cater to the nomad in all of us with their rich Mongolian history, and are efficient to heat.

Now if Ron can just arrange to add wood-fired hot tubs…


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