Reflections on Bill Copperthwaite’s Passing

In a world that seems to always be moving as fast as it can, Bill Copperthwaite of Machiasport, ME and his simply run Yurt Foundation represented an oasis of calm. His passing in November 2013 was a significant loss for those who knew him, as well as for many people like me, who simply wrote back and forth once a year to buy his artfully designed yurt calendars and check out his annual simple living book list.

I had hoped to meet this quiet, intelligent man, a world traveler and lifelong student of indigenous hand made tools, an educator who earned a Doctorate from Harvard, an author, and probably one of the most broad thinking people I’ve ever encountered.

Bill’s book, A Handmade Life, is a beautifully written testament to simple living with photographs by Peter Forbes of the Center for Whole Communities.

We’ll now need to carry on with Bill in our thoughts, reminding us of the vital need for simplicity in today’s society of complexity.

Bill Copperthwaite photo by Kevin Bennett

Bill Copperthwaite photo by Kevin Bennett


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